Episode 404
Wed, Feb, 25 2015
Pokemon Shuffle 3DS, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Wolfenstein, News, TV talk, and more
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John's CD and Michelle's Book
VGO Newsletter!
March 01, 2015, 02:26:50 PM
I did not see a thread in the allgames forums yet.  Derrick must be too busy planning ultimate domination over TigerClaw
Gadget Man 007
March 01, 2015, 12:40:41 PM
Any details on the Mario Kart gamenight that was mentioned? Plan still for Wednesday (3/4)?
February 28, 2015, 05:40:22 PM
Yeah, can confirm she wasn't on WoW, at least not until the show was well over.  Some people just like to assume cause of that o...
February 28, 2015, 04:48:53 PM
No, I couldn't even get ON WoW. I was able to connect to and skype, but couldn't play or take a call without dropping. Int...


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Posted: Wed, Feb, 25 2015 | 9:36PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #404   2/24/15

Slow start - animosity against Aussie-Siri
T-shirt entrepreneurship / Matt made me negative
voicemail - darkhammer: your voicemail system is racist and I'm a winner
voicemail - alien isolation sux and so do u (again)
Funspot tournament cancelled / Arcade Outsiders replaces it
Normii joins as Sarah Connor

10 sec spotlight
Normii -  Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS is insanity
All those kids, their little islands,  and their pumped up kicks
trade friend codes and come see my little castle.   
drinking:  nothing

Who's talking?  Siri? where's Matt?

John -  I played some games: Pokemon Shuffle - free to play puzzle game
 great game, but only for the first five times.   Then you gotta pay.
New 3DS nub talkon a kid friendly alien moon base
drinking:  Water and Iced Tea Crystal Light
DerrickH  joins and stirs the pot / pokes the Tiger / (song) Team Rocket
Spotpass / Streetpass - it's all turned on
Battlefield 4 gold paks and paying for shortcut cheats

Matt -  Canadian Gamefly $18.00 Ca.
Wolfenstein is Fantastic - you shoot a lot of badass nazis every 5 min
Simsons Tapped Out again makes normii's eyes hurt
{television talk}

voicemail - Kaijudo likes his new 3DS
looking for Amiibos - all the good ones are gone
Mario Kart WiiU  group play next Wednesday  (ck for thread)
voicemail - waddup muffakas croozin, got my muffkin ceedee - dat nintendo shit is fukkin gay
voicemail - mexicano sayz get the dik out yo ass
Get your Tee Shirt here ( )

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Episode #403 is sick and tired of being sick and tired
Posted: Wed, Feb, 18 2015 | 10:09PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #403   2/17/15
Matt's back - Theme in transition
voicemail 1- fuckin alien isolation sucks and so do u

10 sec spotlight
Michelle - a.d.d. state is good for Grow Home on the PC  - it's like Minecraft
(  ) - you get lost in the world
WoW patch coming soon.  Waiting for John.
drinking: Pepsi slushie in a freezy mug

Matt - sold Alien Isolation(finally) with recap
Dying Light - I want to love it, but it's too formulaic -
still wanna platinum but it's too much of a job
Rogue Legacy - addicting dungeon crawler  
drinking:  ?

John - in NYC on Friday and the 3DS was sold out at the Nintendo store
got a big, black one and loves to rub the tiny nub on the train
the Zelda game is great although the game design was transparent
(song) Matt is butt hurt- craigs list mashup

{3ds charger controversy}
Smash bros spoof  (  )
Tony Hawk game  a ps4 exclusive?
itching for Evolve / does Gamefly deliver to Canada?
apologizing for Destiny, Titanfall, and firing developer staff
crumbling websites and SNL  
Matt offering free voice services
phantom dust reboot - xb1 mmo x'd
Spacey is bi, michelle can see it in the face, matt in a popeye cosby sweater
cole sayz - majora's is better than what 1886 will be - *troll alert*
John... winding...  down...
(song) cox comes in different colors

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Episode 402 wants you to be my valentine
Posted: Wed, Feb, 11 2015 | 11:03PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #402   2/10/15
New Theme / new Tiger

Intro -  Craigslist comes to town  - Remix

voicemail1  - Rich sayz - craigslist is a hit - bon jovi of podcast pop songs
voicemail2 - hunterx sayz - yall are makin matt kinda upset
voicemail3 - derrick from tx - butt aids makes me want to kill myself

Krystal feel, grape drink, and a nursing home escape

10 sec spotlight
Michelle - Life is Strange -  live action, choose your own puzzler
like walking dead - you do stuff
WoW, a priest, a warlock, and a monk get some bonus objectives...
drinking: Coke Milk

McDonalds is different

John - Amazon Echo - you have to set it up, but it's trouble trial and error
alexa can't be stumped, is always listening, and does everything on command
Counterstrike Source for John's Arcade 5v5
Battlefield Hardline Beta - spinoff bank heist / Payday is ghetto
you get money to buy stuff that you don't what it is
Five hours - fuck off  
drinking:  iced tea, it was delicious

Michael Keaton was OK but Matt spoiled Birdman

voicemail3 - ten minute voicemail cut short for ruining the groove
voicemail4 - hate2fold -can't afford the mmo
voicemail5 - waddup muffukars, nintendoe suckka biggkock
voicemail6 - gibson rep sayz  the matt thing is old news and the witcher

News - Bethesda doing E3 / 3dsXL on Friday
core members of Rare make new game - project uke   
doing the bird from kazooie / Michelle's cotton
minecraft violence, besieged penises, and robot sexual acts
new microsoft virtual thingy and streaming windows 10  

voicemail7 - where the fuck is my shirt and black hammer incident
voicemail8 - headcheese says boomstick something canada

{celebrity gossip}  / Uma messed up her face  
old (  )
new (  )
Outro - (song) Matt is butt hert

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Posted: Wed, Feb, 04 2015 | 10:31PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #401 2/3/2015

pre-show reboot - pushing the envelope & stealing youtube videos
Nintendo and Youtube ad revenue - Let's pay/play

Southern fried John  - June 19-21st (  )

Voicemail 1 - Did John make that song?   White girlz Escalade.
Voicemail 2 - It happened - pikachu ruined my life

Amiibo song (  )
(song) Craiglist Aids - let the Aids fly

10 second spotlight   
Michelle  - Indigo Prophecy on Steam - works well on the iPad
Vanishing of Ethan Carter (  )
Dragon Age Inquisition for Mich's Dad
did not try the witcher - this generation is weird for me  
Drinking: Pepsi

a waterbottle is like a penis

John - Call of Duty crazy - Havoc DLC   - decent maps
exo-zombies - new game mode with jetpacks and Bill Paxton!
{brad pitt / john wick war movie spoilers}
something in general - Hardline beta out - xBox one is becoming a piece of shit
Xbox is becoming a PC and it feels shitty
Nintendo Club is shutting down - redeem your coins to get the good stuff
DerrickH is back! He's dong well.

Matt - won a copy of Knack.  No one else wanted it because it was boring
Alien Isolation, again, on hard.     
Looking for Dying Light.
Birdman / Virtue of Ignorance
(song) ready set come - in and out fun
drinking: a canadian beer

(matt's rant)  John, you shut me down - come at me bro
John loves Matt segment - feel the love

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Posted: Wed, Jan, 28 2015 | 7:26PM
Posted by: blkdog7

Episode #400 Celebration!

reboot's all wrong
Eddie calls in
John has shipped in the past
titford across the other pond
timerunner has something interesting about him - time traveling car and creepy van
VGO's have never met in person

Michelle didn't like napoleon dynamite
Kyle calls in (not THAT Kyle) - never got his CD - virtual farming and a non-stop tractor horn
John cleans his CD house reputation

Allgames - DerrickH does a Billy Squire - get well soon big D!

voicemail1 - best: when John asked where the hell is riverwoods?  worst: when michelle quit and Kyle was a dick.

10 Sec. Spotlight

Michelle - dying light - a resident evil replacement - parkur in it
vainglory - a moba - impressive on ipad air
drinking: coke

{12 monkeys and fifth element roundtable}

voicemail2 - new 3ds - badass -10X better - loves the little nub

Michelle does not hate nintendo
is the new 3ds sellout just hype?
michelle has said steveH needs to get a fuckin clue  

John - finished steamworld dig in 6.25 hours
new dlc COD with double XP last weekend
Heroes of the storm beta?  mich sayz no
drinking: pepsi max

voicemail3 - waddup muffukas. dat sum sheeeit.  mufukka ceedee fo reelz!

Matt - did a few stuff - prototype 2 - not impressed
crossy road - endless frogger
videogames-the movie, won't make you dumber
drinking: water

Normii joins and is not offended - looking for her shirt

voicemail4 - waddup - nba2k is all i play - nowatimsayin? my boy need his muffukin ceedee!

Dave's here from WA, why doesn't John play the WoW and the ERP?

voicemail5- Json - i really like you guys.  keep doing what you're doing

(song) We are Team Rocket - and we want your pikachu  

FreemanDaddy calls for congratulations
Tom allen, are you here?  You use skype with your mouth.   
The VGO skyperoom, only $100

Voicemail6- <unintelligible englishman>

guywithoneeye calls in - appreciates what you do
tom allen calls again?  No.

voicemail7- sworen - balance in Evolve is still a problem in the beta and preorder bullshit

talking to Amanda - she can't wait until summer

Wolfenstein jerkoff leaves a mark.

(song) Knee Grow Luva - fade out ....

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