Episode 399
Wed, Jan, 21 2015
Evolve Beta, Blizzard Sucks, Johnfest recap, NEW 3DS, Steamworld Dig, Ducktales, Duke Nukem Vita, news, twitter, and so much more!
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Re: Elder Scrolls Online
January 24, 2015, 07:32:26 PM
Elder scrolls has gone free to play from what I read... I may hop on some time to see what's changed, but, I have to say thinkin...
January 22, 2015, 08:47:34 PM
I think the title means, 90 character bump.Also ya great job, I'd love to see clips for each show like this haha. It's totaly wh...
January 22, 2015, 07:53:43 PM
Okay, I don't get the show title.  It's some cryptic Kyle-esque super-secret message code or something?And thanks for all the co...
Re: Episode #398 is full ...
January 22, 2015, 03:42:42 AM
Favourite moment of the show is definitely when John talks about Property Brothers and Michelle cracks up when he can't tell the...


Episode #399 wants to be 90 but not for that one
Posted: Wed, Jan, 21 2015 | 8:19PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #399   1/21/15
Intro -  
join episode #400 via skype, call (520-feel-vgo),
or send email  -  subj:viewer mail
Johnfest gathered 50 people
See John in Edge Issue #276 on 2/5/15 (

Voicemail 1 - laneel -  spoilers are hillarious.  everyone is hillarious
Voicemail 2 - hunterx - I too, say you have become douchebags, but it's free

10 sec spotlight
Michelle - Evolve beta & preorder bonuses - needs more stuff to keep people interested
Blizzard customer service is the worst, even the lady game masters
Spoiling Blade Runner and The Mist
{classic movie sitdown}
drinking: water

John - The MicroSoft Store debacle
John was in Denver, did a bunch of stuff, hung out with a bunch of guys
Luigi's Mansion and  Steamworld Dig on the DS on the plane  
the demise of Club Nintendo
Infecting the Redbox with the XBone FarCry4 spoiler synopsis
{Blockbuster Reminiscence}
drinking: seltzer water

Matt:  Ducktales kept me entertained
Duke Nukem for Vita is really old and bad, but free
Alien Isolation, again -  well made, freaks me out, & makes me swear
drinking:  water

DayZ/H1Z1, has open world, has zombies, doesn't work
{Zombie Game Kickstarter proposal}

News -  Majora's Mask Pre-order, new 3ds already sold out
New 3DS comes w/o charger
Fire Emblem- works with Marth Amiibo
Zenoblade chronicles - works only with new 3DS
Codename Steam- looks badass

Voicemail 3- 400 bfd 'cause i ain't got my prize, muffuka ceedee!

bring Derrick in and get the hell out

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EPISODE 398 will spoil it for you
Posted: Wed, Jan, 14 2015 | 8:56PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #398   1/14/15
The all Canadian outsiders are BACK!
Johnfest 2015 - 1/17 - 1up (see for more info)
Matt sounds kinda douchey
Michelle Lynn's parents are coal miners and from the ghetto

Voicemail- (520-feel-vgo) Darkhammer sayz Matt is a spoiler and a repeat offender
The gang spoiled the Interview.   

10 sec spotlight-  
Michelle- tried Dragon Age.  A voice option is always nice.
Confusing story, but interesting.  I'm the key for a bald, creepy elf.
Wow, weveled my warwock
drinking: Mexican Coke Wiff Juan  

John - Nothing.  not a damn thing.
Bladerunner / Terminator / Swordfish
cameron diaz is stupid hot
recording DK gameplay, but no one cares.
drinking: Coke Zero

voicemail-   John and CoD - level 40 means you must suck

Matt:  Dragon Age, again, but zero interest in multiplayer.
Extremely buggy, couldn't finish the game.   
{game glitch bitch}
alien isolation/trivia crack
colin farrel is the Australian brad pitt/ better call saul
drinking:  water

{TV show symposium}

News -  Bayonetta 2 wins accessible mainstream GOTY award.
Ep 400 reboot: becoming The Outsiders or the Gay hunters
New 3DS next month & all things Amiibo
Check out John in Edge magazine UK on 1/15(  )
Send in your best/worst moments for Ep #400

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Episode #397 says Happy New Year!
Posted: Wed, Jan, 07 2015 | 10:39PM
Posted by: blkdog7

Intro: still an audio show.
John's Arcade will officially be 1up in Denver Jan 17
Carson Daly is a cheap Ryan Seacrest
The Interview interrupted by the Hacking

voicemail_1:(520-feel-vgo) john's right, matt's wrong

voicemail_2:rob sayz replacing a PS4 sux but paying MS $16 is better

{sausage and salami spotlight}

10 second spotlight:

Michelle- gods will be watching hydroprophecy
purchased dragon age, didn't open it
SunsetTonyHaWK is so john
I like Smite, gods, and outfits
Avatars > faces
drinking: water

John- all mountain dude up and expired on new years
Xmas ravioli ruined without ricotta.
fucktard hackers ruined my prestige
COD ADV > Battlefield
maniac machinegunning and mowing people down
jetpacks, jetpacks, jetpacks!
GTA 5 multi, not Sunset Overdrive
Bayonetta 2 is so awesome - I'm in love- it's really fun
drinking: seltzer water

Matt- Alien isolation gets a reprise and needs headphones
70 hrs into Dragon Age highlighted by different conversations
drinking: ding!

GOTY 2014:
Matt-   south park stick of truth
   middle earth shadow of mordor
   dragon age
mich-   hearthstone
john-   battlefield 4
   CoD AW
   bayonetta 2
hon. mention: capt toad/tropical freeze/mario Kart 8
Domain expirations on Christmas
new theme song for 2015 (?)
paper guitar playing

tweet suggestions for show 400!!

@blkdog7  (
@coastalmichelle  (
@MattoMcfly  (
@VGOPodcast  (

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Episode #396 is feeling Jolly - Christmas Spectacular 2014!!!
Posted: Fri, Dec, 19 2014 | 6:55PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #396 Christmas Spectacular 12/16/14

To educate and offend...

10 second spotlight

Michelle "mistletoe" Madison
Game of Thrones - where decisions don't matter
Dead better on the iPad
Hearthsone has goblins & gnome engineering
Hot computer no longer dripping
drinking:Coke with Santa

John "jingle" Jacobsen
The One, the cloud, and a major ordeal
ET did not ruin John's life

   {Videogame movie montage:
   Atari:Game Over (
   Video Games:The Movie (
   Ecstacy of Order:The Tetris Masters (
   The Rock-afire Explosion (
   verdict: summer good, summer bad, most are bad}

Final Stand for Battlefield, a shitload of hours, and some good lookin stats
2 guys on a couch playin' switchies
Captain Toad dabbling, pretty great

Matt "mazeltov" Bradford
a little bit of Dragon Age
Simpsons Tapped Out again
drinking: water

   {Videogame Outsiders Theatre
   Act I  - Auld Lang Syne}

Favorie game got for Xmas?
john - Atari 800XL
michelle - Atari 2600
matt- Gameboy

Favorite Xmas-Eve traditions?
john - making ravioli
michelle - open some gifts
matt - pizza and a movie

   {Act II - Incomprehensible Santa}

Top 3 Xmas Games?
john - cute Mario/Diddy snow levels

Worst Xmas gift ?
matt - computer table

Normi sayz - Jugband Christmas (
Chip-o-Malley sayz derz no Sannna Claws

See y'all after Xmas!
I feel a song coming on...

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Episode #395 can go anywhere it wants to
Posted: Wed, Dec, 10 2014 | 9:06PM
Posted by: blkdog7

Michelle is having leakage issues
TV show talk - Agents of Shield / Foo Fighters on HBO

Voicemail - leave my fukin' boy matt alone.  you do you.

John can Xbox links now-

10 sec spotlight
John - Got someone else's Xbox back but couldn't play battlefield
Went all the way to Chicago to get an uber Villager Amiibo  
Captivated by the amazing Capt. Toad
NES Remixed for 3ds (
Zelda - Link on a horse in a big , low-res field (

Matt - Dragon Age Threesome (!/en_US/home)
 investigate the crystal thingys and create an inquisition

Game Awards in Las Vegas Brah-oundtable
Bayonetta 2 - Nintendo Wins! - STFU Matt

Gaming - keep it leisurely, not work.

News -  Limited Edition PS4 (

voicemail - nobody uses xbox for media and kinnect except white derrick

voicemail - y'all let him down wit da nuts hangin out  

Xmas show possibly next week.

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