Episode 399
Wed, Jan, 21 2015
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Re: Elder Scrolls Online
January 24, 2015, 07:32:26 PM
Elder scrolls has gone free to play from what I read... I may hop on some time to see what's changed, but, I have to say thinkin...
January 22, 2015, 08:47:34 PM
I think the title means, 90 character bump.Also ya great job, I'd love to see clips for each show like this haha. It's totaly wh...
January 22, 2015, 07:53:43 PM
Okay, I don't get the show title.  It's some cryptic Kyle-esque super-secret message code or something?And thanks for all the co...
Re: Episode #398 is full ...
January 22, 2015, 03:42:42 AM
Favourite moment of the show is definitely when John talks about Property Brothers and Michelle cracks up when he can't tell the...

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[Today at 08:53:46 PM] Tedakin: maybe he'll call into vgo and tell you all about it john Smiley

[Today at 08:30:47 PM] CoastalMichelle: get well derrick

[Today at 08:08:18 PM] blkdog7: Derrick, I do love you bro.Hope you are well!

[Today at 08:06:33 PM] blkdog7: WE ARE GETTING OLD

[Today at 08:06:27 PM] blkdog7: I just exchanged tweets with Derrick. I'm a bit bummed by this. I hope there is no permanent damage

[Today at 08:05:53 PM] blkdog7: Ted, I really don't like you at all but maybe this can bring us closer

[Today at 08:05:42 PM] blkdog7: Oh, man, that sucks. 

[Today at 07:57:42 PM] Tedakin: he posted the hospital selfie on facebook

[Today at 07:52:02 PM] Tedakin: after about 30 minutes he came around

[Today at 07:51:23 PM] Tedakin: totally serious. i was on a skype call with him and suddenly he couldn't get words out and went silent. then just got out "im coming over" then he showed up here 10 minutes later and couldn't make words

[Today at 07:50:19 PM] blkdog7: Can he talk now?

[Today at 07:50:12 PM] blkdog7: Dude, that's horrible. Sad

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Topic: 9 of 9 total spirit beasts tamed  (Read 501 times)
« on: October 21, 2011, 11:56:20 PM »
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well this morning at 12:36 i was hovering over the spawn point of the last pet i need to tame of the spirit beasts. the cat spawned under my dragon. i was in the 20 second count down to log out when the npcscan mod proc'd and the cat appeared under me.

this last can you have to get your toon naked to tame it. the cat will one shot you if you have any armor values from gear on you. so i hit the gear switching button and nothing happened. i had full inventory due to mining taking up my 4 bag slots. plus all my normal bags is in the bank.

i had to hearth back, get normal bags, fly back and switch bags out at same time. after i got to hyjal i got naked in flight to the cats path. so from spawning and my rush to bank and back, the cat moved to end of the cats path. the cat does not walk slowly but jogs the path, i had to do a flying tame to get in front of the cat to get her.

so now i have all nine spirit beasts from northrend and cata for my pets, but i can only keep 5 on me, rest is in stables.


ps now i need to head to bed, have work in like 4 hrs, but i have mon-fri off as a mini wow vacation

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