Episode E1
Sun, Aug, 28 2016
VGO EXTRA #1 - Sony PS+ price hikes and Playstation 3 games on PC
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VGO EXTRA Ep #1 "Sony Tal...
August 28, 2016, 01:18:59 PM
Sony PS+ price hikes and Playstation 3 games on PC! Look for these on most Sundays! With the normal, full episodes of VGO still ...
Re: If you are on the Fen...
August 27, 2016, 02:10:55 PM
Yeah, I'd have to imagine the expansion will bring some people back, maybe news after it's out may change minds as well.I just s...
Re: If you are on the Fen...
August 26, 2016, 04:52:50 PM
Good to hear, we have a lot of WoW lurkers who still listen, and a few new people who have signed up over on the VGO alliance gu...
If you are on the Fence a...
August 26, 2016, 07:45:28 AM
..... get THE FUCK OFF THE FENCE AND JOIN THE FUN!!!Seriously though after being a player from BETA right up until just after Ca...

[Today at 03:05:48 PM] Sworen: damn gene wilder died, 2016 is a vengeful beast

[Today at 01:49:07 PM] Sworen: 12 hours to go

[August 28, 2016, 08:22:32 PM] Tedakin:

[August 28, 2016, 07:50:33 PM] 2ndObvious: Your mx Blues come through perfectly clear on the podcast, just like a $1k microphone

[August 28, 2016, 11:25:27 AM] blkdog7:

[August 28, 2016, 03:33:04 AM] Tedakin: i hate campers...

[August 28, 2016, 03:08:19 AM] Tedakin: N

[August 28, 2016, 03:07:32 AM] Tedakin: to advertise something up to the day it's released one way, then it to not be it... then sean murray has literally vanished off the face of the earth, and sony hasn't acknowledged it either, but are apparently giving stealth refunds to people who compla

[August 28, 2016, 03:06:49 AM] Tedakin: i bet there's a no man's sky lawsuit before it's said and done. people are starting to claim this whole thing is illegal.

[August 28, 2016, 02:22:53 AM] CoastalMichelle: All the more reason to buy something on steam

[August 28, 2016, 02:21:22 AM] CoastalMichelle: Ha, I have mx Blues myself, and get yelled at daily over them Smiley

[August 28, 2016, 12:18:08 AM] 2ndObvious: Michelle - This may have already been posted to you. Might find it interesting... if anything to share with others:

[August 27, 2016, 11:08:52 PM] ShawnXI: I know I didn't. It's a very shallow and repetitive game. Sad really.

[August 27, 2016, 08:14:34 PM] Krafty: did anyone here LIKE No Man's Sky?  I pre-ordered it and have not played it yet for the PS4.  I would have returned it but I opened it already Sad

[August 27, 2016, 07:52:02 PM] Tedakin: Ran into Matt in Titanfall 2

[August 27, 2016, 06:45:46 PM] Trakked: Long repetitive load screens are a pain! Skyrim on Xbox 360 loads up to a minute every other load screen.

[August 27, 2016, 05:27:09 PM] Tedakin: Hey load times between levels have nothing to do with gameplay. Look at GTA for godsakes.

[August 27, 2016, 04:32:48 PM] Sworen: yeah, only thing holding me back is it's the console version, and I really hated the load times on that version

[August 27, 2016, 03:35:50 PM] Tedakin: GOTY

[August 27, 2016, 02:18:39 PM] Sworen: doom for $20 now on amazon and other retailers

[August 27, 2016, 01:37:40 PM] Sworen: yeah sounds like you're firing something with weight to it... even though it's energy

[August 27, 2016, 01:58:59 AM] Tedakin: my new favorite gun.... the sound it makes is just awesome...

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Topic: Mel's Profession Plan  (Read 1225 times)
« on: October 09, 2011, 01:17:12 PM »
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Haha, nice. I don't know how you do it! Nuts!  Cheesy

« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2011, 11:36:25 AM »
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well you saw my set up with wow on my 40 in TV. now that i got my recliner i can play longer stretches of time to grind levels and materials for professions.

i am in the process of getting 6 JC to make the daily JC ricpie easier to get all the patterns faster than with just my hunter's JC

i also planning to have three tailors with my three cloth toons priest/mage/lock

then i am also going to get one each alchemy for transmutation/potion/elixir master skills

and in my spare time i am getting rare pets for my hunter


PS i have NOOOOOOO life

Babylon 5 - Kosh - A stroke of the brush does not guarantee art from the bristles.
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