Episode 470
Wed, Jul, 13 2016
Pokémon GO, Evolve Stage 2, The Ship, Play Dead's Inside, and much more!
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Re: Building a new PC
Today at 10:56:03 AM
OK so all of my parts are in so I should start building here in the next few days. I plan on getting a new monitor at the end of...
Re: Building a new PC
July 20, 2016, 10:58:45 PM
Yeah John enjoyed building it as much as using it, if you haven't checked his videos you should. Good luck!
Re: Building a new PC
July 20, 2016, 09:26:41 PM
Cool, Thanks for the help. its been about 5 years since I put the last one together I think I am going to have a little fun with...
Re: Building a new PC
July 20, 2016, 05:02:48 PM
I have an overclocked 980ti which is more or less like a 1070 performance wise, and I game at 1440p WIDESCREEN (3440x1440) which...

[Today at 07:09:38 PM] TigerClaw: I just updated it now

[Today at 07:08:55 PM] TigerClaw: CoastalMichelle blkdog7 there's a skype update today, make sure you both update it before the show.

[Today at 07:08:08 PM] Sworen: I mean it exists, but it's still rather dead =/

[Today at 07:00:17 PM] Pro5002: We still have a VGO server/guild?   

[Today at 06:57:03 PM] Pro5002: @Bmulligan, yeah you get used to it lol

[Today at 06:55:58 PM] Sworen: I like the new outlaw spec for rogue

[Today at 06:55:29 PM] Sworen: I've been playing WoW in prep for legion, been just making some money, and going back to old raids to get transmogs

[Today at 06:46:45 PM] bmulligan: On Tuesdays we get a murder for hire, and Thursday's special is an innocent bystander death by stray bullet.

[Today at 06:44:30 PM] bmulligan: I love Detroit news.  Every day there's three shootings, two house fires, and one hit and run.

[Today at 06:43:16 PM] Pro5002: Seems fitting

[Today at 06:42:31 PM] bmulligan: Are those the criminal-type Pokemon?

[Today at 06:41:51 PM] Pro5002: I work in Detroit and there are  just voltorbs and magnemites everywhere!

[Today at 06:41:15 PM] Pro5002: Theres a pokemon stop by my desk at work. so awesome 

[Today at 06:39:05 PM] bmulligan: no WoW, only Pokemon Go.

[Today at 06:20:57 PM] Pro5002: So whos plaing WoW again?

[Today at 06:03:06 PM] Tedakin: in public? i mean where people can actually see you?

[Today at 05:47:59 PM] bmulligan: I wanna play Pokemon Go with an augmented reality headset on the NX

[Today at 05:07:51 PM] CoastalMichelle: Yes show tonight

[Today at 04:28:03 PM] ShawnXI: Why can't they just make a decently powerful system with sd card size cartridges and a classic Nintendo retro look. It would be instant piles of cash.

[Today at 04:27:34 PM] ShawnXI: So the Nintendo NX is supposed to be a portable console. Possibly like a tablet that you can dock to play on a TV.

[Today at 04:14:46 PM] bmulligan: Show tonight?

[Today at 02:51:33 PM] Tedakin: i laughed. pretty ridiculous.

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