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Title: Listener Interaction
Post by: Saltek on March 15, 2017, 04:26:44 PM
So on the most recent Blank Outsiders Michelle and John were asking how to get more people to interact with them.  I cannot speak for anyone but myself but personally I have been listening for eight years and can't remember ever sending an e-mail or really following a post on the forums.

The reason I have a hard time with it is that I do not have any social media accounts, I just never have found that kind of thing appealing.  Anyone I know and want to interact with I do so over text, in person or through gaming. So without any social media it falls to e-mails, voice mails or the forums.

I have rarely had anything to contribute to the show via voicemail or e-mail so never have bothered and as far as these forums I have never been able to figure out where I post something or do I make a new topic for it. I know you moderators are pretty cool but I find forums to be very congested and posts (like this one probably hahaha!) just get lost in the mass of other things going on.

Anyway I just thought I would chime in for why at least one long time listener never interacts with you guys.

Sorry for the long post love the show keep it up!

Title: Re: Listener Interaction
Post by: CoastalMichelle on March 15, 2017, 08:44:51 PM
Well, thanks for saying hello and explaining, you're in the massive majority! Maybe a few more will try the Reddit thing, it's low commitment and a nice place to suggest news stories. 

Title: Re: Listener Interaction
Post by: bmullz on March 16, 2017, 02:13:57 PM
Helloooo Saltek.   Nice to digitally meet you.

I like the Reddit thing, but it kinda makes me feel like I'm renting space in someone else's house.