Episode 415
Wed, May, 20 2015
THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT ROUNDTABLE and some other stuff!
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Re: 415 smells like Lilac...
May 26, 2015, 01:49:31 PM
Haha. I'd buy it! Maybe a shampoo.
Re: 415 smells like Lilac...
May 26, 2015, 12:38:17 PM
cd project just needs to go the full mile and put out a lilac and gooseberries scented candle .
Re: 415 smells like Lilac...
May 25, 2015, 06:24:39 PM
I didn't know gooseberries were actually a thing, - now I'm curious what they smell li...
415 smells like Lilac and...
May 20, 2015, 06:12:24 PM
VGO #415  5/19/15intro - a love story from a level 2 loverVoicemail1: randy in cali - switchies on the couch co-op games?Voicema...


415 smells like Lilac and Gooseberries
Posted: Wed, May, 20 2015 | 6:14PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #415  5/19/15
intro - a love story from a level 2 lover
Voicemail1: randy in cali - switchies on the couch co-op games?
Voicemail2: chris from
...nope...chillbreeze and Neverwinter and more, and more, and DING!

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle - milkin delicious chocolate, boring meals, and sizzling chicken  
drinking: a nice Hawaiian punch

John - debating what to play, Sunset juicy game, and skateboard obsession
drinking: Coke Zero

Matt - Shovel Knight, Atari Game Over, and Silicon Valley, and more TV.
drinking: water

The Witcher 3 Roundtable:  
Mich-PC - playing on high in a massive world
John- XB1 - the unboxing , the letter, and the PR crap
Matt- got the steelcase ps4  
graphics: XB1 < PS4 < PC  
story: don't need to play 1 or 2  
good horse technology, story, and great quests, just like Zelda
satisfying sword mechanic, soft magic, and ... unicorn banging?
If you like Skyrim, you may like this pseudo open world
It was made with love. - The End

Voicemail3: chris from VA has an arcade virus.  talk about No Man Sky.
Voicemail4: robot sex offering
Voicemail5: Kev in cincy sayz why do you have to install new games?  
8-bit games cost less $$.  Western RPG's don't click.
Voicemail6: brian from Portland and john's shitty internet
Voicemail7: cameron fr MI sayz he likes Blacklist  
News machine: is a quart low.
Nintendo World Championships- in select Best Buys
WoW - win an eye-phone six in selfy contest
itunes reviews

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EPISODE 414 has plus two charisma
Posted: Sun, May, 17 2015 | 8:44PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #414  5/12/15
intro - I am a scorched-warlock sun-elf with +2 charisma
Matt's double dipps and distribution
Voicemail1: kaijudo - balance, bitching, and the invisible ladder
Discussing Michelle's balls  
News:  Assassins Creed - same ol same ol
Witcher 3 - GoG and Steam deals - roundtable next week
breadstick banter
Voicemail2: Gibson guy asks @ ready player one

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle - Project Cars - overwhealmed and out of time.
Golf, pizza, chromecast, and ipads as controllers.
playing Hearthstone while waiting for the Witcher
drinking: non-mineral-ladden water

John - did NOT play Splatoon, it wasn't his time.
did NOT play CoD Ghosts becuase of PoS installation problems
Played Mario64 on the WiiU
D&D Neverwinter (  )
didn't hate it, rather enjoyed myself
drinking: store brand, natural spring arcadia slippery water

Matt  - Shovel Knight (  )
Mirisake baby (  )
The Firm - swiping stocks for sale
drinking: nothing, but planning to.

Voicemail3: handhelds and Surface pros
Voicemail4: J-roc is played out. Something about Michelle's organs
Nintendo and Universal theme park dreams
cole sayz - got new 3ds, selling useless gaming PC

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413 has some sauce for you
Posted: Thu, May, 07 2015 | 8:52PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #413  5/5/15
intro - Norwegien voicework and ethnic foods of the world
Matt looks like a dick:
Voicemail1: homeboy sayz - wuzza fukka realz n shiii is dope as hewww... ... ...

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle - GTA on PC makes ugly people and black albinos.
lots of heists and way too much driving.
Daredevil is really, really good - after the 1st episode.
drinking: Penta water
(  )

John - Nintendo's revolution:  tap dat Amiibo demo app  
(  )
Affordable Space Adventures is only $20
(  )
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood reminds John of Bioshock- it's like, wow.
(  )
drinking: Schwepps raspberry lime

Matt  - Wed: Pizza day in Canada - with dipz!
Thurs: Orphan Black and Catfish day
Fri: nothing, possible cross dressing, mastrubation, etc.
Sat: Date night - ribs and wings - beers - in by 11:00
Sun: Flea market and Sin City 2 smoked a pipe and a bag of Doritos
Mon: Zombiecast and Lego Hobbit somewheres in theres
drinking: water from Canadia

Voicemail2:  Yo VGO, PC games are cheaper cause you can resell console games
News:  The Witcher 3 (  ) rpg and magic and witches and deers
Yoooka-Laylee already has 1.4 million pounds of kickstart  
(  )   
Matt's crazy dipping sauces.

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Posted: Wed, Apr, 29 2015 | 7:27PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #412  4/28/15
intro - folding tacos and cake-knife sing-along
Voicemail1: gibson guitar guy re:guitar hero live is straight up guitar
GH looks interesting / too many versions last generation / subscription model?

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle - Mortal Combat X Faction war for $16
Felt like a Telltale games scene - with ladies:  /
Witcher 3 - john won't like this game.   
drinking: hubert's delicious lemonade

John - Mario Kart DLC. Sadness has supplanted caring about Mario Kart.   
Battlefield patch - some guns and stuff
Project Spark - kinda free - bullshit tutorial (  )
drinking: schwepps raspberry lime sparkling seltzer water in a cute bottle like this:

Matt  - Wed: threw out back and watched Daredevil
Thu: went to store - preordered Witcher 3 - yay, Poland!
Fri: bought Lego Hobbit, but not HBO Go
Sat: re-examined life after coming out of whorehouse and downloading GoT
Sun: Silicon Valley and other TV and movie talk
drinking: Aquafina (Candian)

{The Valve Stuff Roundtable w/ Kaijudo and Derrick:
 fukk you Gary mod guy. Valve taking too much.
Derrick confirms that John is right.
Chaos ensues and Matt disappears.}

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Posted: Thu, Apr, 23 2015 | 6:12PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #411  4/21/15
intro - Bradford style and Daredevil discussion
ragin cajun birthday catfish and tales of the Mississippi
birthday fajitas and ben heck are frekkin awesome
Star Wars Battlefront has pumped up graphics
Voicemail1: Superman trailer thoughts? - a jealous relationship

{Star Wars Awakens roundtable - this is the movie you were looking for  }
{Joke time}

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle - HearthStone something something.  Can't get back into it.
documentary - Game Loading (  )
Pursuit of Light (  )
Pillars of Eternity some more with lots of sunshine- will play GTAV on PC too
drinking: happy birthday fukking water

Hassling the Hoff (  )

John - Goat Simulator on a Saturday and Kinnect sensor calibration wipeout
BF4 single player - I dig the cheeezy cops and robbers.  Reminds me of Max Payne.
get back to where you once belonged - Sunset Overdrive
RB baseball 2015 - SO bad. (  )
drinking: diet cherry Dr. Pepper

{Joke break}

Matt  - servicing Borderlands and running away from Zombies
(  )
Never Alone (  ) free on PS+
gonna play Bloodborne, just not into it yet.
drinking: Candian water

Duck faces and Full House reunion (  )
News: Adventure Time 3D game and new Guitar Hero formula  
{Star Wars Battlefront - special VGO edition}
AT AT swimsuits and a fleshlight special offer

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