Episode 429
Tue, Sep, 01 2015
Metal Gear 5 Phantom Pain, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Shovel Knight 3DS, Battlefield 4 Night Operations, Twitter questions, news and more!!
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Episode 429 has a phantom...
September 01, 2015, 11:38:00 PM #429  9/1/15 intro:  nostalgic napster chatTee Spring (
Re: Great IP's Gone Wrong
August 31, 2015, 03:47:14 PM
Triangle button?  God damn that's fuckin genius.  musta took a panel of 6 guys and three days to come up with that innovation.Bu...
Re: Great IP's Gone Wrong
August 31, 2015, 12:45:39 AM
Quote from: bmulligan on August 31, 2015, 12:05:28 AMI notice Bioshock isn't on your list.  Probably because they did the very t...
Re: Great IP's Gone Wrong
August 31, 2015, 12:05:28 AM
I notice Bioshock isn't on your list.  Probably because they did the very thing Ted suggested.   And that they didn't release a ...


EPISODE 429 has a phantom pain!
Posted: Wed, Sep, 02 2015 | 1:38AM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle


VGO #429  9/1/15 

Thank you BMULL for the full show notes and links below:

intro:  nostalgic napster chat
Tee Spring (   ) - only 6 days left, ends MONDAY!
voicemail1: i wanna hear some dirty shitz fukks

10 Second Spotlight:  
Michelle - Metal Gear's phantom open world and 90 minute prologue  (  ) - and other things I don't like
drinking:  double chocolatey chip starbucks

John - Night Time DLC for BF4 is totally cool (  )
Shovel Knight finish, reaching limits, and copying little kids to win.   Also,
Shovel Knight Amiibo (
Blackops 3 Beta with added features - like swimming / Deer God is 8-bit stupid
drinking: a Rockstar

Matt - Free to Play piqued (  )
{rapper roundhouse} / The Wolfenstein again  
drinking: water

voicemail2: truck driver sayz congratz and family share xbox
news: amazon - no preorders on amiibos / pre-order reasoning
{nintendo reflections and hopes and dreams}
voicemail3: jakeagain -tame for riotcast  
{depressing dog discussion -  }
Matt's chinese needs work

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Episode #428 has a serious drug problem - Now on
Posted: Thu, Aug, 27 2015 | 4:54PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

VGO #428  8/25/15  
Thanks to Bmull for the show notes below:

intro:  das reboot

voicemail1: the mexicaner sayz- wazzup wit da canadianz?

10 Second Spotlight:  
Michelle - Trine 3 artifacts of power (
thief chick with a lara croft whip / Wii wil have waggle
spends a Grand on Hearthstone expansion
drinking: warter

John - craving a dishonored gears of war (  44 Gigs holds up.
1 inch away from a ps4 / mr robot where is my mind
drinking: amp energy zero blueberry white grape (

voicemail2: shawn's best 10 year moment: when Michelle came back

Matt - Blackops Beta (
Old Blood - it's a game within a game (
Fallout Shelter rehash
drinking: coffee

voicemail3: congrats, ahhh...michelle is amazing, john is a tool.

Rob, the Godfounder, has an accent and a Hole (

news queued: YouTube gaming / VR gaming / Pokemon with guns
DOTA Rick and Morty (
voicemail4: Gibson rep sayz congratz on that asshole
twitter - jordans dad game him an mp3 player with vgo
{podcasting history lesson}
Cole sayz - he was 14 years old for his first VGO
drug trend alert - up in smoke
voicemail5: Kaijudo sayz - feel the tension
voicemail6: neojake sayz no muffaka and congratz

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Video Game Outsiders joins THE RIOTCAST NETWORK!
Posted: Mon, Aug, 24 2015 | 5:13PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

When: Every Tuesday night from 9-11e
How to listen: Visit - click on the big red "LISTEN LIVE" button. The live feed will load in the center player.
How to chat: Click the chat button that pops up in the live player. That will direct you to our new chat room here at

We are super excited and hope to see you guys there for our 10 year anniversary show this Tuesday the 25th! You can DOWNLOAD OUR SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT MINI EPISODE HERE

Episode #427 - C:\>REBOOT
Posted: Fri, Aug, 21 2015 | 2:55PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle


VGO #427  8/18/15


intro - show before the reboot / as the world turns
{reminiscing vgo history / opportunity knocks}
Last show on AG / get your t-shirt here : (
voicemail1: joe from DFW sayz use jizzoogle

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle - burstfire -( - a blatant rip-off
{tactical shooter death discussion}
drinking: mexican coke

John - good game 4 gold: MG ground Zero - tryin to figure out what 2 do-
Still enjoying World of Tanks - pay to win (
Rainmaker spawns cleverly create chaos
drinking: red wine

Matt - Fallout Shelter (  
drinking: water

The Tiger question / unofficial Amiibos / Michelle STFU (song)

voicemail2: do you playz GoW?  and Matt is kool.
news machine: re-gearing - 12 best games on PC
Derrick calls in / chaos ensues

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Celebrate TEN YEARS of VGO with our TeeSpring campaign!
Posted: Mon, Aug, 17 2015 | 7:41PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

Head on over to (or simply click on the shirt above) to order one and help us reach our goal. Once the goal is reached the t-shirts will be printed and sent out to everyone who ordered. There are multiple options, including sweatshirts and women's shirts as well, simply click the dropdown menu on teespring. Thanks everyone, here's to ten more years!