Episode 504
Tue, Mar, 28 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda roundtable review, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, Everything, Elder Scrolls Legends, Splatoon 2 testfire, Frontier Days, Horizon Zero Dawn, Clash Royale
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504 - Mass Defect Androme...
March 28, 2017, 10:46:48 PM # 504    3/28/2017intro:  Switch_Bitch podcast and old porn namesemail1 - kc plays batt...
Re: 503 - Black Hand, Whi...
March 24, 2017, 07:19:59 PM
Rob's awesome - and so is his podcast.   It's like an oasis in the desert of PC culture.  Kinda like Stern, but with more weed.
Re: 503 - Black Hand, Whi...
March 23, 2017, 08:52:48 AM
Really enjoyed Sea Breeze on the show. I love the slow turn on Zelda from John. Its like a pro wrestler turning heel! 
Re: 503 - Black Hand, Whi...
March 22, 2017, 10:21:25 PM
I know I won't be talking about it anymore, can't say the same for John... maybe a few mins from guests or him would be the only...


504 - Mass Defect Andromeda
Posted: Tue, Mar, 28 2017 | 10:45PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

VGO # 504    3/28/2017
intro:  Switch_Bitch podcast and old porn names
email1 - kc plays battlefield 1 on PC
email2 - dj rogue sayz keep up good work and Switch
email3 - Jose said Splatoon 2 is only 720p

10 sec. spotlight:
Michelle - a 'game' called Everything ( )
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds ( )
Elder Scrolls Legends ( )
drinking: Lemon oil water (from Italy)

John -  The preview program is fukkin wit Xbox.  The streaming controversy.
Beams will be shoved down xbox owners throats ( )
Splatoon testfire ( )
Frontier Days ( )
drinking: Water with True Lemon ( )

The Bandit (documentary) ( )
voicemail1:  Matt sucks and so does Alien Isolation

{Roundtable}  Mass Effect with Matto!
Matt likes Asian men / I just wanna be me / cover system sucks
past the opening it's pretty good / sex video / not AAA
Games Radar Review ( )
Matt finished Horizon Zero Dawn
Clash Royale ( )
Super Mario Run on the Android, meh ( )
Matt may be in Debris ( )

Gamestop closing a bunch of stores ( )
voicemail2: Fuck that Titanfall Fuck those bots Fuck you Matt
Liquid Sky Open Beta ( ) use your own games
What happened to Baseball games ?

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503 - Black Hand, White Dick with Rob Sprance
Posted: Wed, Mar, 22 2017 | 1:34AM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

VGO #503   3/21/2017
intro: Sprance is back! and he is a Pro ( in High School )
voicemail1: someone sayz bomb the wall
Check out the free app only content - 'Sane Gamer' is new!

@seanharley72's art ( )

Check out the Reddit ( )

10 sec. spotlight:
Michelle - Styx shards of darkness ( )
WoW style and stealthy co-op
no food for African baby / Overwatch is still alive with Orisa
50 hours of Zelda - and a dungeon
next week - Mass Effect roundtable and bad animations
drinking: wha-der

John -  Zelda makes John feel isolated and lonely. And fuck horses.
All play and no music makes Zelda a dull boy.
Bad horse technology
Instant Zelda Roundtable {Roundtable}
It's the little things that would fix Zelda
Bomberman is a pile of garbage ( )
Shovel Knight Switch ( ) Too hard
Gaming Maul in Hong Kong 188 center and a Gannondorf Amiibo ( )
The Switch Left Joycon Mishap on the plane.  It's broken.
drinking: Seltzer w/ lemon

Rob Sprance, Zelda Virgin - The Switch itself and the docking
Choking on 960p, dock underpower, and overpriced apps
It coudda been a contender with all the innovation
Horizon Zero Dawn ( )
Horizon {Roundtable}  de facto
drinking: Polo Spring Wadda

Ghost Recon Wildlands is popular in HK ( ) not for $60 - yet
voicemail2: Fiasco sayz - Jose is cool.  VGO game of the month show idea
Tony Hawk downfall ( )
VGO Reddit check ( )
8-bit games / Hanzo Mains / Switch Virtual console is coming
Buid-a-PC is pretty terrible ( )
Stroker64 ( )
Steve Jobs was a dick
voicemail3: Shout out to Jose & Virtual virtual reality
check out Rob's Gloryt Hole ( )

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This week we do a BLANK OUTSIDERS - PC! Download our app and sub to listen! Thanks
VGO is now on REDDIT! Plus new free app bonus content!
Posted: Mon, Mar, 20 2017 | 10:17PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

Come interact with the community, get yelled at by John, and make Michelle... laugh.

Also download our app, for new FREE APP ONLY bonus content, no sub required!

Posted: Tue, Mar, 14 2017 | 2:37AM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

John is in a Hong Kong Hotel room and has to whisper - sorry about the MP3 quality, his wifi sucked!
Check out our app for Jose's VR episode, our epic Zelda Rap battle, and bonus pictures for episodes - even if you don't sub!

10 Second Spotlight
Gets a Switch! Impressions? Tight docks! Rubber!
Reviews "Zelda: Breath of the Wild"
Says "Just Dance" sucks
and "VOEZ" is overpriced
Drinking: Whadddur

Talks to a Chinese "kid" for 4 hours
He got "Bomberman"
and has issues with Zelda and the whole Amibo thing
But "Blaster Master Zero" rocks!
Drinking: Chinese Tap Water

Cemu already doing Zelda in 4k, playable soon!
Blizzard has gone full SJW?!?!!?
Playstation games on PC? Which ones?

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Our BLANK OUTSIDERS episode this week was all about the new VGO reddit we set up, so download our app now and check it out: but who owns ?!? We also talked about the cultures on various gaming reddits.

501 - Smack my Switch up
Posted: Mon, Mar, 13 2017 | 7:39PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

VGO #501   3/7/2017
intro: John in a moment of Nintendo misery
The conflict begins with a setup
Riotcast plug ( Strictly anonnomomous ( / Talking funny ( ))
voicemail1: Switch owner sayz he took a shit, or something
Jose's love offering

10 sec. spotlight:
Michelle - Horizon: Zero Dawn (again) the thrill is gone
Maverick Drone flying ( ) it's like a video game
Michelle got Switched by Gamestop
drinking: no, but it might help

John -  colorful big boxes, and a secret special @ the Nintendo store
Master Edition Zelda - the Jesus Edition ( )
drinking: Club soda w/ true lemon

Jose - Halo Wars / Yakuza /Horizon / Ori / and the Switch
into Zelda for 40 hrs. / Zelda respects the player
Zelda {Roundtable}
Switch {Roundtable}
1-2 is not a $60 game - $42 on Amazon
voicemail2: Switch got you in a bad way.
Cartridge licking
news: More Switch arguing about scratches and smudges
Painful Switch Launch ( )
Screen protecters and scratching Switches
Jose, the voice of reason, but the JoyCons are too small and the pro not =$70
"It's a Zelda machine right now" - Michelle
John misses the Miiverse and a D-pad
Switch criticisim listing / A rushed console  / Scratch issues (again)
Conclusion: Jack of all trades, master of none

voicemail3: Inferno sayz Switch lineup
voicemail4: bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar
voicemail5: Switch 2.0 ?
"Too much shit like a web browser" - Michelle regarding the Switch and Nintendo's long term outlook. (2:00:00)
voicemail6:  John, stop being so hard
voicemail7: Uncharted 4 bundle or Switch ?  Playstation
To be continued in some Extras?  Get the app
Honesty is the best policy / John will defend anything Nintendo
"You'd rub it on your face and jerk off" - Michelle
Fragile John fukks his switch (song clip)

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