Episode 400
Wed, Jan, 28 2015
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John's CD and Michelle's Book
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Re: EPISODE #400 - REBOOT...
January 29, 2015, 01:34:06 AM
Thanks BMULL. You have been a great help with notes, support, and the vids!
Re: EPISODE #400 - REBOOT...
January 29, 2015, 12:51:16 AM
What a great show, guys!I'd just like to add my congratulations among others.   I've been a listener since show #1 all those yea...
January 28, 2015, 07:23:55 PM
Episode #400 Celebration!reboot's all wrongEddie calls inJohn has shipped in the pasttitford across the other pondtimerunner has...
Re: Elder Scrolls Online
January 28, 2015, 06:31:50 PM
the star wars mmo got worse when it went free to play =/


Posted: Wed, Jan, 28 2015 | 7:26PM
Posted by: blkdog7

Episode #400 Celebration!

reboot's all wrong
Eddie calls in
John has shipped in the past
titford across the other pond
timerunner has something interesting about him - time traveling car and creepy van
VGO's have never met in person

Michelle didn't like napoleon dynamite
Kyle calls in (not THAT Kyle) - never got his CD - virtual farming and a non-stop tractor horn
John cleans his CD house reputation

Allgames - DerrickH does a Billy Squire - get well soon big D!

voicemail1 - best: when John asked where the hell is riverwoods?  worst: when michelle quit and Kyle was a dick.

10 Sec. Spotlight

Michelle - dying light - a resident evil replacement - parkur in it
vainglory - a moba - impressive on ipad air
drinking: coke

{12 monkeys and fifth element roundtable}

voicemail2 - new 3ds - badass -10X better - loves the little nub

Michelle does not hate nintendo
is the new 3ds sellout just hype?
michelle has said steveH needs to get a fuckin clue  

John - finished steamworld dig in 6.25 hours
new dlc COD with double XP last weekend
Heroes of the storm beta?  mich sayz no
drinking: pepsi max

voicemail3 - waddup muffukas. dat sum sheeeit.  mufukka ceedee fo reelz!

Matt - did a few stuff - prototype 2 - not impressed
crossy road - endless frogger
videogames-the movie, won't make you dumber
drinking: water

Normii joins and is not offended - looking for her shirt

voicemail4 - waddup - nba2k is all i play - nowatimsayin? my boy need his muffukin ceedee!

Dave's here from WA, why doesn't John play the WoW and the ERP?

voicemail5- Json - i really like you guys.  keep doing what you're doing

(song) We are Team Rocket - and we want your pikachu  

FreemanDaddy calls for congratulations
Tom allen, are you here?  You use skype with your mouth.   
The VGO skyperoom, only $100

Voicemail6- <unintelligible englishman>

guywithoneeye calls in - appreciates what you do
tom allen calls again?  No.

voicemail7- sworen - balance in Evolve is still a problem in the beta and preorder bullshit

talking to Amanda - she can't wait until summer

Wolfenstein jerkoff leaves a mark.

(song) Knee Grow Luva - fade out ....

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Episode #399 wants to be 90 but not for that one
Posted: Wed, Jan, 21 2015 | 8:19PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #399   1/21/15
Intro -  
join episode #400 via skype, call (520-feel-vgo),
or send email  -  subj:viewer mail
Johnfest gathered 50 people
See John in Edge Issue #276 on 2/5/15 (

Voicemail 1 - laneel -  spoilers are hillarious.  everyone is hillarious
Voicemail 2 - hunterx - I too, say you have become douchebags, but it's free

10 sec spotlight
Michelle - Evolve beta & preorder bonuses - needs more stuff to keep people interested
Blizzard customer service is the worst, even the lady game masters
Spoiling Blade Runner and The Mist
{classic movie sitdown}
drinking: water

John - The MicroSoft Store debacle
John was in Denver, did a bunch of stuff, hung out with a bunch of guys
Luigi's Mansion and  Steamworld Dig on the DS on the plane  
the demise of Club Nintendo
Infecting the Redbox with the XBone FarCry4 spoiler synopsis
{Blockbuster Reminiscence}
drinking: seltzer water

Matt:  Ducktales kept me entertained
Duke Nukem for Vita is really old and bad, but free
Alien Isolation, again -  well made, freaks me out, & makes me swear
drinking:  water

DayZ/H1Z1, has open world, has zombies, doesn't work
{Zombie Game Kickstarter proposal}

News -  Majora's Mask Pre-order, new 3ds already sold out
New 3DS comes w/o charger
Fire Emblem- works with Marth Amiibo
Zenoblade chronicles - works only with new 3DS
Codename Steam- looks badass

Voicemail 3- 400 bfd 'cause i ain't got my prize, muffuka ceedee!

bring Derrick in and get the hell out

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EPISODE 398 will spoil it for you
Posted: Wed, Jan, 14 2015 | 8:56PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #398   1/14/15
The all Canadian outsiders are BACK!
Johnfest 2015 - 1/17 - 1up (see for more info)
Matt sounds kinda douchey
Michelle Lynn's parents are coal miners and from the ghetto

Voicemail- (520-feel-vgo) Darkhammer sayz Matt is a spoiler and a repeat offender
The gang spoiled the Interview.   

10 sec spotlight-  
Michelle- tried Dragon Age.  A voice option is always nice.
Confusing story, but interesting.  I'm the key for a bald, creepy elf.
Wow, weveled my warwock
drinking: Mexican Coke Wiff Juan  

John - Nothing.  not a damn thing.
Bladerunner / Terminator / Swordfish
cameron diaz is stupid hot
recording DK gameplay, but no one cares.
drinking: Coke Zero

voicemail-   John and CoD - level 40 means you must suck

Matt:  Dragon Age, again, but zero interest in multiplayer.
Extremely buggy, couldn't finish the game.   
{game glitch bitch}
alien isolation/trivia crack
colin farrel is the Australian brad pitt/ better call saul
drinking:  water

{TV show symposium}

News -  Bayonetta 2 wins accessible mainstream GOTY award.
Ep 400 reboot: becoming The Outsiders or the Gay hunters
New 3DS next month & all things Amiibo
Check out John in Edge magazine UK on 1/15(  )
Send in your best/worst moments for Ep #400

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Episode #397 says Happy New Year!
Posted: Wed, Jan, 07 2015 | 10:39PM
Posted by: blkdog7

Intro: still an audio show.
John's Arcade will officially be 1up in Denver Jan 17
Carson Daly is a cheap Ryan Seacrest
The Interview interrupted by the Hacking

voicemail_1:(520-feel-vgo) john's right, matt's wrong

voicemail_2:rob sayz replacing a PS4 sux but paying MS $16 is better

{sausage and salami spotlight}

10 second spotlight:

Michelle- gods will be watching hydroprophecy
purchased dragon age, didn't open it
SunsetTonyHaWK is so john
I like Smite, gods, and outfits
Avatars > faces
drinking: water

John- all mountain dude up and expired on new years
Xmas ravioli ruined without ricotta.
fucktard hackers ruined my prestige
COD ADV > Battlefield
maniac machinegunning and mowing people down
jetpacks, jetpacks, jetpacks!
GTA 5 multi, not Sunset Overdrive
Bayonetta 2 is so awesome - I'm in love- it's really fun
drinking: seltzer water

Matt- Alien isolation gets a reprise and needs headphones
70 hrs into Dragon Age highlighted by different conversations
drinking: ding!

GOTY 2014:
Matt-   south park stick of truth
   middle earth shadow of mordor
   dragon age
mich-   hearthstone
john-   battlefield 4
   CoD AW
   bayonetta 2
hon. mention: capt toad/tropical freeze/mario Kart 8
Domain expirations on Christmas
new theme song for 2015 (?)
paper guitar playing

tweet suggestions for show 400!!

@blkdog7  (
@coastalmichelle  (
@MattoMcfly  (
@VGOPodcast  (

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Episode #396 is feeling Jolly - Christmas Spectacular 2014!!!
Posted: Fri, Dec, 19 2014 | 6:55PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #396 Christmas Spectacular 12/16/14

To educate and offend...

10 second spotlight

Michelle "mistletoe" Madison
Game of Thrones - where decisions don't matter
Dead better on the iPad
Hearthsone has goblins & gnome engineering
Hot computer no longer dripping
drinking:Coke with Santa

John "jingle" Jacobsen
The One, the cloud, and a major ordeal
ET did not ruin John's life

   {Videogame movie montage:
   Atari:Game Over (
   Video Games:The Movie (
   Ecstacy of Order:The Tetris Masters (
   The Rock-afire Explosion (
   verdict: summer good, summer bad, most are bad}

Final Stand for Battlefield, a shitload of hours, and some good lookin stats
2 guys on a couch playin' switchies
Captain Toad dabbling, pretty great

Matt "mazeltov" Bradford
a little bit of Dragon Age
Simpsons Tapped Out again
drinking: water

   {Videogame Outsiders Theatre
   Act I  - Auld Lang Syne}

Favorie game got for Xmas?
john - Atari 800XL
michelle - Atari 2600
matt- Gameboy

Favorite Xmas-Eve traditions?
john - making ravioli
michelle - open some gifts
matt - pizza and a movie

   {Act II - Incomprehensible Santa}

Top 3 Xmas Games?
john - cute Mario/Diddy snow levels

Worst Xmas gift ?
matt - computer table

Normi sayz - Jugband Christmas (
Chip-o-Malley sayz derz no Sannna Claws

See y'all after Xmas!
I feel a song coming on...

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