Episode 391
Wed, Oct, 29 2014
HALLOWEEN SPOOCTACULAR! - Sunset Overdrive, Bayonetta 2, and MORE!
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Re: EPISODE 391--666 HALL...
October 31, 2014, 10:43:17 AM
Those of you belonging to the PC Master Race may be interested in this version one of the games in Michelle's 10 Sec. Spotlight:...
Re: EPISODE 391--666 HALL...
October 31, 2014, 12:49:34 AM
Thanks sam! I won't.
Re: EPISODE 391--666 HALL...
Junkyard Sam
October 31, 2014, 12:17:47 AM
You rascals!  391-666 was a classic episode, it had everything!  Nintendo debate, Blkdog7 picking on Matt, Michelle trying to ke...
Re: EPISODE 391--666 HALL...
October 30, 2014, 12:57:48 AM
Thanks for doing the notes b.


Posted: Wed, Oct, 29 2014 | 11:16PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO  #391  10/28/14
Halloween Spooky Spectacular!

Michelle gets older, John and Matt wax romantic
m&ms, puppy chow, and lost children of the crawlspace
'Cause this is Thriller, Thriller Night

Voicemail: Vandamage - Hatred is a teenage wet dream
Fodder for Fox & CNN ?(

10 Second Blacklight:

MicHELLe Murdersen -  
Bought iPad Air 2 because Apple Store beats Android
Five Nights at Freddy's needs a headset
Mr. Crab in bed  
Dreamfall Chapters- scarily bad
Gabriel Knight new voices suck
Phantasmagoria, graphic sex, and spousal abuse
drinking: a scary Coke  

BlkCat13 -  
Can't find Bayonetta 2 -saved by Nintendo- sassy and fantastic  
STFU Matt - Hardcore Bayonetta arguing
XB Unity/Sunset bundle $349/$399
Sunset Overdrive, trucker hat drink cozy, and a goofy Tony Hawk world
Twitter: Cole says John is right and Matt is wrong re: Nintendo
drinking: Water

BattoMcDie -  
Another World (
Neat, but trashy
drinking: ...time's up

!!! Scary Improv Theatre !!!
Trick or Treat

Silly racist people stories
Send tweets to @blkdog7 for Xmas requests (

Voicemail: still loving Destiny - the bomb that keeps giving and giving

Twitter: Bayonetta and awesome butt technology

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Episode #390 is BROTASTIC
Posted: Wed, Oct, 22 2014 | 8:21PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #390   10/21/14

Idiot abroad, guinea pigs, and autographs in Atlanta
Whatcha watchin?
Coen Brothers and Wes Andersen symposium

Voicemail: figurine gaming and the Pokemon deficit

New 3ds excitement - now with stylus prybar action!
Death of the Vita
Hatred (  )
Videogame violence conference

10 second spotlight:

John - Forza Horizon 2 - it's like, wow, hot chicks and music
WoW - loaded ass up new warlock, bigger world, more expansions  
Michelle the protector, pulled him close and healed him
Grinkers event video (
Nintendo corner confluence

drinking: Moxie - awesome dude (  )

Matt - Shadow of Mordor...
drinking: ...

Jade Raymond quits Ubisoft
Phil Fish fired
Sunset Overdrive preorder

Voicemail: I love call of duty and lots of other things

Next up: Halloween Improv

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Episode #389 is living the good life
Posted: Wed, Oct, 15 2014 | 8:29PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #389   10/14/14

Ebola and bomb jokes are not funny
Grinkers massive drunken madness(
Niagra Falls roundtable Q & A
His name is Jack Siebert (

Voicemail: vandamage and the PC master race

Bayonetta breast reviews & Nintendo exclusives  

10 second spotlight:

Michelle - WoW, WoW, WoW, WoW, WoW, WoW - underwhealmed
Reflections of Shadow of Mordor & Aliens
drinking: Wah-der

John - Smash Bros. intricacies and sucking time.
Little Mac domination and the wonderfulness of handheld
Amiibo is starting to make sense(
John wants a new 3DS
Solomon's Key
drinking: Diet Pepsi

Matt - Dust an Elysian tale, Spelunky on PS+
Spleunky - on NES?   
Dust - antidote to Shodow of Mordor
Costume Quest 2
drinking: Canadian water

themes and screenshots for XBone
Nintendos skins game
Playstation TV has Powers
Nintendo strategery

Twitter: Cole is obsessed with Wii Fit U

John is metro, matt is douchey, michelle is annoying - 5 stars

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EPISODE #388 features tons of new IP
Posted: Wed, Oct, 08 2014 | 6:17PM
Posted by: blkdog7


He's back - with a new look
Whisky, kids, and strip poker

Voicemail: In SC, Mr. Bojangles is not racist -

But the whities are uppity
How's the weather down there? hot and humid
Live touney at Grinkers next week
Zombiecast crew in Atlanta

Voicemail: hookup in Idaho (Grinkers)

10 second spotlight:

Michelle - Shadow of Mordor
The play is the thing!
The perfect, scary halloween game: Alien Isolation
Guns are scarce, but goosebumps are plentiful
Prepare for Warcraft next week
drinking: War-dur?

John - Hyrule Warriors
Making the rounds and marking your territory.  
Gathering potions, killing minions, endless buttion pushing
Smash Bros. - never before released... on handheld
You can hold it in your hands and do combos.
Nintendo has a master Amiibo plan.
Bayonetta boots
drinking: Diet Pepsi

Matt - glad to be back
Mock Roundtable: Shador of Mordor
Like Batman and lots of killing.
Repetitive and combat heavy
1.5 hours to burnout
John would not like this game
Tapped Out on The Simpsons
drinking: Water

Kaijudo uses John as punching bag  

Disney's 'Steam'-ing pile of games
Tron new and old
Next wave of Amiibos - Giant Mario, stupid money
Laurie and Hugh together again in LBPIII

New PC or PS4?

Twitter:  Thoughts on 3DS themes?  Zelda, of course
Fallout 4 and Wolfman Jack

Foghorn outro
Matt auditions

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Episode #387 has flies
Posted: Wed, Oct, 01 2014 | 9:09PM
Posted by: blkdog7

Show notes by Bmulligan. 

Intro :  
Matt- Let him go
The Library Story
Classic Arcade drunkfest @ Grinkers (

Voicemail: Borderlands prequel thoughts? No
Destiny something, something

Michelle - WOW, Right Here Waiting for John
Shadow of Mordor- Solid like a rock, but not Skyrimmy  
drinking : Wardur

John - On The Road Again: Hong Kong
Plane ride poking, loving, touching, squeezing  - each other
Evacuation procedure in China (
Android offerings - Don't Speak of: Pac-Man Friends/Angry Birds
drinking : Coke Zero

Voicemail : Defending Destiny - This Love Is Faux Real

Destiny Mini-Roundtable:
Killing them softly as they spawn - fixed.
Finding My Way to a UFO guy for serious Midnight Caller conspiracy shit.
The Traveler, the crow, the darkness, and the bad guy.
Listening to complaints -a long term plan, not a One Shot Deal.
Everyday they Write The Book.

News :   
Hearthstone: another expansion
Xbox1 Minecraft Edition
Tetris movie
Bluetooth NES Controller for iPad

Voicemail: Destiny Brahs! People Like it.

Duck Dynasty Country Comforts:

Q: Sniper elite 3?  
A: Blowin' in the wind - like Golf

Chainsaw injuries suck, like, the Deep South, Mr. BoJangles, and White People Crazy.
Ello -  I'm not In Love.
Facebook - Don't believe the Hype.
I like Twitter and Angry People.
Derrick is a fixture.
#400 Reboot?

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