Episode 423
Thu, Jul, 23 2015
Rocket League, Expendabros, Alpha Bears and a whole lot of stupidity
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John's CD and Michelle's Book
Re: 423 uncovers Matt's w...
July 28, 2015, 01:10:00 AM
companion video for this week:
Re: John Stories
July 25, 2015, 12:59:23 PM
That's awesome. I gotta find some time to do another one of these.
Re: Seemed a bit much to ...
July 25, 2015, 12:40:45 PM
The first time I read that I read it as, "... but his wife was pregnant and it felt awkward."
Re: John Stories
July 25, 2015, 03:02:30 AM He was... 11 years old... A video for the library story.


423 uncovers Matt's wild side!
Posted: Tue, Jul, 28 2015 | 1:25AM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

Show notes by BMull:
Intro: matt asked back
Voicemail1: "It's me again, muthafukka"

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle - double stuff - > cookies in creme oreos / Michelle unbanned
Rocket League PC - worth the $ - now with cross play
{Rocket League debate}
drinking: boring water

John - garage time and a Ben Heck plug
wan for something new and interesting on the xbox1 - MC collection? No.
World of Tanks ( )
EA service after a month?  No.  EXPENDABROS FTW!
( )
Huffington post live cancellations
drinking: sum'r ale ( )

voicemail2, but really 1: where's the show?  rock on muthafukkas

Matt -  also played Rocket League
This is Matt's reformed life - puff the patriotic canadian
Matt pays for a bit o honey:  Alphabear
( )
Ernest Cline's  Armada is fantastic  ( )
drinking: water

news:  KOROR 2 re-released and updated
{Alphabear song} and {craigslist personals song}
leea in south koreea is still listening
voicemail3: kaijudo sayz mario golf is the best-ist

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422 dates models for $5.00 a month
Posted: Sat, Jul, 18 2015 | 9:22PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #422 7/14/15
intro: the all summer vacay VGO
Matt writes stuff
voicemail1: squillyD from DC - EA access - pay $30 for a lotta new and old shit
Iwata's passing resume / Comic-con

!0 sec spotlight:
Michelle - is a banned streaming supporter and discovered a twitch sex ring.
Depth - sharks v. divers (  )  Sick, but funny.
Her Story - (  ) a FMV mystery!
Witcher upkeep with dad.
drinking: waterrrrrrr

John - EA access with rory mac-ELLE-roy. For five bucks you can't go wrong.
real and fictional courses are cute but Rory goes deep throat.
drinking: diet Rockstar

Matt - chikken parm cheech, horseshoes, and a broken wrist.
Hearthstone over the weekend on the Mac.
Batman has so much game, it's a geek's paradise.
drinking: boring water

news machine i386 fires up the 56k modem:
Steve Jobs of Nintendo, Iwata reprise
rocket cars on ps+ for free and steam for $ (  )
cole sayz - i literally cried because Iwata
Uncharted 4 is better  
Warcraft flyover (  )

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421 doesn't care about your electricity story
Posted: Wed, Jul, 08 2015 | 8:10PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #421  7/7/15

intro - matt's back
voicemail1: New Batman is warm, but driving isn't
john's autograph session and electrical issues

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle -  H1Z1 early access and the Battle Royale (
goin' mobile with infinity blade - pretty and stupid but free
drinking: hawaiian spring water in a pretty turquoise bottle

John - Master of the Redbox infection and the Assassin's Creed redundancy
{television tangent}
voicemail2: kaijudo likes kats, not dogz
foreshadowing for Splatoon transformation
Tactical Intervention - literally fukkin Counterstrike
Blockstorm - minecraft with guns for 8 minutes
War Thunder - pretty fukkin cool sense of scale
drinking: Rockstar Sugarfree
{racetrack story}

Matt - Witcher 3 on hold for the love of the Knight
Batmobile shoehorn is too heavy, but it's pretty and good
drinking: peppermint tea

getting back into Hearthstone
EA Access - Rory McIlroy Golf early release
EA access sucks becuase: old games

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420 is celebrating its independence from Canada
Posted: Thu, Jul, 02 2015 | 7:21PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #420  6/30/15

intro - all American VGO
voicemail1: kaijudo sayz spltoon on a tablet needs a WiiU
Batman crazy, recalled till fall, and recorded on Reddit

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle - Lords of the Fallen for Dad - cheep!  like Dark Souls
(  )
Elder Scrolls Online re-installed - no more fees and a fix for junkies
Fallout Shelter fighting words and other tablet dabbles
drinking: dbl choc chip fap

John - in the garage jumping bugs, clamping, and gluing
Splatoon and BF4, it's not hardline, but it's well oiled
XB1 surprised by old games
Golf Club thingy - finishing what he started
drinking: Rockstar

voicemail2: Dave fr WA sayz you need a WeeYou
{WiiU death discussion} - watch Mario (  )
text1: brianna sayz michelle is the best and steam controller  
 (  )
text2: hey, draco sayz he wants bad ass guns

news machine:  Sold
Amazon is now in mexico
Nintendo club is done but pokemon coming to iOS
360 sales are dirt cheap /Digital is a good thing /Disney Quest closing
Amiibos are generally useless - except Splatoon
chuck sayz, gonna try ESO / Gus sayz minecraft sellz lotz
Matt maybe Batman next week

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Episode 419 wants to play Batman Arkham Knight but not on a PC
Posted: Wed, Jun, 24 2015 | 7:45PM
Posted by: blkdog7

GO #419   6/23/15
intro - name dropping, game hype, and batman issues
Voicemail1: dark hammer sayz good job, but not on E3.   

10 sec spotlight:
Michelle - Dirty Bomb - a bit too run and gun and lots of jumping (  )
Voicemail2: Scara the blade remains (  ) has potential.
Warcraft patches, blah, blah, etc., etc.   
drinking: water with peppermint

John - on the injured list (  )
Wanted something byte sized, played Pokemon Rumble world  
(  )  - shining bright like a diamond
Harmo Knight  - then back to Battlefield, Splatoon, and new empty maps
mental games - The Long Dark - unfinished and still $20
drinking: ruby red grapefruit seltzer

voicemail 3: Jose from NC - John is Right (again) Wii U is a natural.

Matt - Sun - unparent day sponsored by Somersby (  )
Cloudberry Kingdom (  )
The Witcher - I want it to end.  Probably buying  Batman soon.   
drinking: a Coke

voicemail4: robby from Syc and an XB1 with backwards compatibility
voicemail5: yo john, wats yo workout bro?
Rainbow six seige edition (  )
News Machine: SOLD
Cole Sayz - Splatoon on a tablet is a joke

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